Marked by the vast array of deciduous tree branches blooming across the Northeast, Branch Fest serves to celebrate the kickoff of the festival season — and an end to hibernation, for some — with an epic, back-to-nature experience, complete with a family-friendly atmosphere, incredible artist talent of all kinds, great vibes, and amazing people!

But the great outdoors isn’t the only thing branching out, as Branch Fest encourages all kinds of really special artist collaborations and features music across a plethora of genres, with bluegrass, livetronica, funk, reggae, classic and contemporary rock, jam bands, elements of country, jazz, rap, and much, much more all mixing together — there’s really just something here for everyone. And everyone’s welcome; so come as you are, bring your best smile and let’s branch out together!


For those of you that may not remember, Branch Fest originally started off back in 2016 at Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Shop in Middletown, CT, as something of a pre-party to the Organic Smiles Music Festival shortly thereafter. The name was coined in honor of Jordan “The Branch” Giangreco (of the Breakfast) and his impressive ability to join in on just about anybody’s (and everybody’s) set with some of the finest keyboard accompaniments out there!

Following the unfortunate closure of Wild Bill’s Nostalgia, due to Wild Bill’s death the year after, and the formation of Mountain Majik Productions (MPP)— a partnership between the original Branch Fest organizer and the owners of Concept to Gates (C2G) — a new vision for Branch Fest’s revival began to emerge.

That vision centered around our shared thoughts on what the ideal music and arts festival experience should be and how to bring it into fruition. We wanted to take the intimacy of settings, abundant availability of resources and sense of close-knit community that Organic Smiles and the original Branch Fest had done so well to establish and marry it with the level of entertainment, atmosphere, organization, and production value that C2G had ample experience bringing to the table.

So, come join us in saying goodbye to all those long walks and queues, tons of conflicting artist schedules, overcrowded campgrounds, and feeling like just another number on the sheet. We’re looking to bring together some of your favorite talent and people with one hell of an experience to match!